When faced with the loss of a pet, we at Pets and Paws Cremation are here to provide the same assistance you would expect when faced with the loss of any other loved one.  Pets are, after all, part of the family and for some, the only family members.

We strive to offer a selection of products, choices and advice to memorialize your pet in a dignified and safe manner in full compliance with local regulations.

  • Our services, all of which are optional, include the following:
  • Picking up your pet from your veterinarian's office or other location
  • Helping you select the means of disposition of the remains
  • Assisting you in selecting a tastefully appointed item to memorialize your pet
  • Assisting with internment, if required
  • Cremation, if desired
  • Online memorials
  • Interpreting any local regulations with respect to how and where you may lay your pet to rest

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Types Of Cremation


Private Cremation - When we perform a private cremation, only one pet at a time is in our cremation chamber. All of that pet's ashes, and only that pet's ashes, are returned to the owner. The cremated remains can be saved in an urn, buried, or scattered. If you wish to attend your pet's cremation, appointment times are available at no additional charge.

Each private cremation includes:

  • FREE On-line Tribute Page and Video
  • FREE Complimentary urn
  • FREE Digitally Stored Nose and Paw Prints
  • FREE Fur Clipping
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Guaranteed 24 hour return of your pet's remains (Weekends Excluded)
  • FREE Option for final viewing
  • Option to upgrade complimentary urn
  • Option to view cremation (NO CHARGE)
  • Pet loss resource
  • Pet tracking system (ID Tag)
  • Private Cremation - your pet is only pet in cremation chamber
  • Removals from Vets Office complimentary within Whatcom County
  • Respect and dignity for your pet
  • Support during your time of pet loss
  • Your pet never leaves our care

*Please click on the “Pet Loss Products” link to see numerous other urn options.

Identification System: Our stainless steel identification discs are numerically numbered and used for the purpose of accompanying a deceased pet through the cremation process. The ID discs offer peace in knowing that the remains you are bringing home are truly those of your beloved pets. 

Family Cremation - A special type of multiple-pet cremation procedure performed only at the request of a single owner or family during which pets from the same family, and only pets from the same family, are cremated together.

Cremation, when properly performed, is a very clean and reasonably priced way of final disposition. Cremation also offers a greater freedom in choosing your pet's final resting place. Your pet's cremated remains can be kept at home, buried, or scattered in a special place. Choosing cremation for your pet is a personal expression of love and assures dignity and simplicity at a very affordable price.